Acoustical Comfort

Acoustical Comfort: 

The soundproofing of M-System provides one of the major advantages of the system. The superfoam  in M-System provides excellent sound insulation from outside noise disturbances.

Thermal Comfort

Thermal Comfort:

M-System provides excellent insulation from the outside weather. In tropical weather conditions, the outside weather can be scorching while M-System provides comfortable living conditions inside.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient: 

Insulation from heat provided by M-System panels allow a reduction in air-condition usage resulting in cost savings beyond 20% in electricity bills.

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Structural Strength

Structural Strength: 

A standard M-System panel can sustain loads above 1,700 KN making their strength far superior to traditional structures.

Earthquake Resistant

Earthquake Resistant:

Full M-System houses have been proven to resist and result in minimal damage from category one earthquakes.

Hurricane Resistant

Hurricane Resistant:

M-System buildings in hurricane high-risk areas have demonstrated their ability to withstand the effects of the most devastating hurricanes through the years.

Fire Resistant

Fire Resistant:

The quality of the superfoam used in the panels is the self-extinguishing type. The two concrete layers which coat the foam prevent any combustion from fire.

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Architects & Designers:

Versatile Design

Versatile Designs:

The M-System Panels can be used for creating any kind of structure. It is easy to realize any sort of geometrical wall shape whether planar or curved with M-System.

Choice of Finishes

Choice of Finishes: 

M-System panels can be completed with any type of finish available in the market.  Any type of coating can be applied with no exceptions allowing designers the freedom to choose their choice of finish.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration: 

M-System panels are versatile and compatible with any type construction system including wood, brick, steel and reinforced concrete.

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M-System panels are lightweight yet rigid which makes it simple for two people to handle, transport and assemble the panels at a job site.

Simple Installation

Simple Installation: 

M-System panels are easy to transport and assemble without the need for heavy machinery. The simplicity of assembly is similar to the building of lego blocks.

Rapid Installation

Rapid Installation:

The quick assembly of the panels and spraying of concrete allows buildings to be built faster than conventional methods.

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