M-System is a construction system adopting fire retardant superfoam panels sandwiched between galvanized steel wire meshes that are held together by steel connectors to form rigid mattress-like formation. Concrete is sprayed on site to the M-System panels to provide the structural strength for the product. The technology is essentially made up of superfoam, steel wiremesh and concrete.

Material Specifications:

Prod1Superfoam: The superfoam is the base element of M-system. It is a chemically inert material with fire retardant and self-extinguishing properties. The superfoam has high isolating properties which make it excellent for insulation from heat and sound.

Wire Mesh: The wiremesh provides the reinforcement for M-system. The galvanized steel wires are zinc coated and typically 2.5-3.5 mm in diameter with a tensile strength of higher than 600 Mpa.

Concrete: Concrete is sprayed to both sides of the superfoam which provides the structural strength of M-System. The strength of the concrete is typically rated at K-300 (300 kg/cm2).

M-System has panels suitable for walls, floors, roofs and stairwells. The panels are lightweight, easy to handle and versatile, making them suitable for creating complex architectural structures. Buildings or houses constructed using M-system can be finished and highlighted in the same method any conventional house can but with much more flexibility.