Vision & Mission



To be the building block of the construction industry and present architects, consultants, engineers, contractors, developers and home-owners alike with a greener and more advantageous building solution.


M obilize the company as a market-leader and trend-setter of the construction industry

S erve as the standard-bearer of quality, value, and excellence
Y ield continuous improvement and consistent growth
S ymbolize passion, principle and pursuit in the workplace
T ransform the building industry landscape
E mpower personal and professional growth
M aximize customer satisfaction and exceed customer expectations


Environmental Commitment:

As one of the corporate founding members of the Green Building Council Indonesia, M-System is committed preserving our precious planet and looks to work smarter and greener for our environment. Our factory incorporates a range of environmentally friendly solutions such as the treatment of surface water runoff, water efficient landscaping, on-site renewable energy sources, and the use of locally manufactured building materials.

Safety Commitment:

At M-System we recognize our employees as our most valuable asset to the success of our business. To ensure a safe and secure work environment we have taken extensive safety measures in the production floor and require the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all employees.  Our dedicated Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) department works to continually improve all aspects of safety and strictly adheres to their Zero-Accident Policy.